Top 7 Healthcare Manufacturing Units in Pune.

The healthcare sector is a sector that is always considered to be limited to hospitals or clinics but even a brief and small look at this healthcare industry would show that there are several other options that many people do not even know about.

Due to changing demands and people around seeking accurate, cost-effective and holistic care, this healthcare industry continuously evolving and opening new options by expanding its reach. Specialized clinics and outpatient centres have further helped in easing the burden on the hospitals and other long-term care facilities which are evolving and creating ease for patients who need months or years of assisted healing.

No doubt healthcare is a hot career destination for many and it’s good to know about other facilities that you may end up working in if you pursue a healthcare career. A healthcare manufacturing unit is a place where the production of medical devices and process is involved in the manufacturing of such devices.

The main two areas of medical manufacturing are basically the manufacturing of medical devices and the technologies and processes used in medical manufacturing. India off lately has seen several healthcare manufacturing units growing rapidly.

A few of them from megacity Pune are listed below.

  • Philips 

Located in Pune, Maharashtra this well-known unit with an overall rating of 3.9 has 10,000 + employees as their company size. They have its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was founded way back in 1891.

They are a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the healthcare sector of healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

Philips strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Its goal is to improve the lives of people by 2022 and has undoubtedly worked hard towards delivering superior value for the customers and shareholders.

  • LabCorp

Situated in Pune, LabCorp is a Burlington, NC-based company with 10,000+ employees. Founded in 1978 this is a public company in the healthcare services and hospitals industry.

They believe in combining the world-class diagnostic solutions with its drug development business through cutting-edge technologies, unparallel data and a growing menu of standard and highly specialized tests not only inform and empower their patients but help medical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies transform ideas into innovations.


LabCorp’s more than 70,000 employees are pursuing critical advances in sciences providing great services and changing the delivery of healthcare while advancing essential vaccines, cancer-fighting breakthroughs and life-changing treatments for extremely critical and rare diseases.

  • Evolent Health

Founded in 2011, this company with its headquarters in Arlington, VA with around 5000+ employees has a bold mission to change the health of the nation by changing the way health care is delivered.

They empower by bringing their whole selves to work and are driven to make a difference every day from the work they do in their roles to the charitable endeavours they support.

The core strategy that they follow is to start by listening, communicating with candour, fostering inclusion and owning the opportunity. They respect and celebrate individual talents and teamwork.

With around 30% growth in the last three tears, they are recognized as Becker’s 150 great places to work in. Its mission is to change the health of the nation by changing the way health care is delivered.

  • GE Healthcare

With their headquarters in Chicago, IL, founded in 1892, they are a subsidiary or a business segment under healthcare services and hospitals. They are a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator with more than 100 years of healthcare industry experience and 50,000+ employees.

Its mission is to improve lives in the moments that matter. They promise of unlocking your ambition and turn ideas into world-changing realities. They enable clinicians to help make faster, informed decisions through intelligent devices, applications and services supported by Edison intelligence.

  • Bajaj FinServ Health

Situated in Pune alongside its headquarters in Pune, it was founded in 2019 and is currently running with 5000 employees onboard. Being a health tech company, they provide preventive, personalized and prepaid healthcare to everyone.

Bajaj provides a health management platform that enables the healthcare ecosystem by providing a vast network of service providers by using emerging technology to improve consumers’ health.

Its mission is to enable users with access to and financing of healthcare by making healthcare prepared, personalized and preventive, therefore reducing healthcare management costs as well as improving health outcomes.

  • Access healthcare

A private company with its headquarters in Chennai, India, was founded in 2011. Access Healthcare provides business process outsourcing, applications services and robotic process automation to the healthcare operators.

Its mission is to strive to be the most respected healthcare services team in the world by providing the best possible overvaluing that makes a meaningful and sustainable impact on its customer’s business.

  • Siemens Healthiness

Founded in 1847 with over 10,000 employees. Siemens is a public company based in Mumbai and located in Pune too. They drive innovations to help humans live healthier and longer.

The product and solutions offered by Siemens help physicians and medical staff to prevent illnesses from occurring alongside the correct diagnosis and right treatments for people who become ill, helping them to recover fast.

Building along with a 120-year history of innovation, they are a global player with a strong heritage in German engineering. Its mission is extremely simple, what all healthcare systems have in common is their demand for high-value care providing better outcomes with fewer resources.

They have their mission clear, which is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by expanding precision medicine, improving patient experience, transforming care delivery and digitizing healthcare.

Healthcare is very underrated yet one of the backbones of any country’s development. Medical manufacturing has grown and changed in response to the challenges they faced during the pandemic.

Global shortages of oxygen cylinders and PPE kits along with the priority of manufacturing vaccines have led to shortages of some materials, changes in supply chains etc. Alongside managing contingencies, this industry has also taken leaps and thus healthcare manufacturing remains to be a vital part of our economy.

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